Special Section on Creative Computing and Performability

Call for Papers


Creative computing is an inherently cross-disciplinary field that relies on a combination of knowledge from a variety of areas. Its mission is to encourage collaboration across disciplines, with creativity providing both a theoretical and practical impetus. This covers a wide range of enquiries, from scientific and social research to arts and humanities research. The key to creative computing lies in the fluctuating mix of these disciplines over time.

Computing to date has successfully addressed the survival level (clothing, eating, housing, travel, etc.) and, more recently, the social and spiritual level of human existence: being successful, being entertained, thinking philosophically, satisfying curiosity, etc. Creative computing furthers this engagement through creative development of computing products and a computing environment to support creativity.

It is firmly believed that creativity has a strong connection with performability, including elements such as quality, reliability, maintainability, safety, and sustainability. There is a great chance that performability can be improved by creative computing. Enhancing the connection between creativity and performability with the help of computing is a key research issue.

To address this issue, International Journal of Performability Engineering (IJPE) will have a series of special sections soliciting original work that makes novel theoretical or practical contributions to link creativity and performability with the help of computing in relevant application areas. Submissions will be reviewed and selected based on innovation, technical correctness, presentation, and practical relevance.

Topics of Interest

Submissions related to the following topics are encouraged. However, others relevant to creativity and performability are also welcome.

  • Philosophy for the connection between creativity and performability
  • Theory and principle for connecting creativity with performability
  • Creativity and performability modelling
  • Development methods for creativity/performability products
  • Formal methods to verify and improve creativity and performability
  • Metrics, measurements, and analysis for creativity-enhanced performability
  • Support environments
  • Benchmarks, tools, societal applications, and empirical studies


We welcome high quality submissions that are original work, not published, and not currently submitted elsewhere. We also encourage extensions to conference papers, unless prohibited by copyright, if there is a significant difference in the technical content. Improvements such as adding a new case study or including a description of additional related studies do not satisfy this requirement. A description explaining the difference between the conference paper and the journal submission is required. The overlap between each submission and other articles, including the authors’ own papers and dissertations, should be less than 30%. Each submission must conform to the IJPE template which can be downloaded on the journal’s official website. Please submit your paper to Professor Hongji Yang at Leicester University, UK.

Important Dates

  • April 15, 2020
  • June 1, 2020
  • July 15, 2020
  • Paper submission
  • First round notification
  • Second round notification

Papers accepted for this special section are expected to be published in the September 2020 issue.

Guest Editors

  • Professor Hongji Yang, University of Leicester, UK
  • Professor Hong Zhu, Oxford Brookes University, UK
  • Professor Jianhua Ma, Hosei University, Japan

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